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Sesiones grupales para particulares y talleres para Empresas

La Alianza ofrece regularmente sesiones para erradicar el hábito del tabaco en una sola sesión de una hora aproximadamente. También ofrece talleres para empresas de Madrid. Efectividad: 95%

Hábitos y otros

Sesiones indivivuales

La Alianza ofrece sesiones para el tratamiento de problemas de peso, insomnio, mejora de la capacidad de memoria y concentración, depresión, ansiedad, alergias, autoestima, etc.

Para más información y reservas:

Telf.: (+34) 917660423


Our Treatments


The Spanish Alliance of Hypnosis and NLP has specialised in the treatment of addictions with a combination of hypnosis’ and NPL’s techniques. Our most successful treatment is the eradication of the smoking habit in a unique one-hour session. We have treated more than 20,000 people in the last 20 years in 14 different countries with a success rate of 95% in one session.

We use many techniques, from the NLP we use techniques such as “six steps reframing”, “swish”, “technique to reach resources” and “technique for lung cleaning”. From the hypnosis techniques we use techniques such as “mirroring” “Elman style trance” and other techniques such as the Erickson, Brian Weiss and Gil Boyne (President of the North American Hypnosis Society) techniques.

We treat elements as the routine, social relationships, boring, tension, anxiety, effort, need of compensation, lack of will to stop smoking. We also boost the breathe improvement and oxygenation of the organism, improvement of vitality and energy, recovery of the damaged skin, anxiety reduction – so as to avoid weight gaining -, lung capacity, a better perception of taste and smell. This way we improve the quality of life and drastically reduce the probabilities of lung cancer.

The smoke of the cigarettes contains more than 4,500 toxic substances that affect not only the person who smokes but his or her family, friends and mates. Eliminating the habit in a unique one-hour session many health problems, related with many different diseases are avoided. This therapy also elevates self-esteem because the patient gets rid of the smoking habit without further effort than having the honest desire to be free of it, without any problems of anxiety.


The Spanish Alliance of Hypnosis and NLP has specialised in the combined therapy, with hypnosis and NLP techniques, with free audio tapes or CD’s to support the therapy after each session. We treat cases of depression, stress, allergies, insomnia, weight control, phobias, addiction to drugs or alcohol, and also other diseases.

THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS: anxiety, stress, phobias, relationship’s problems, divorce, depression, lack of self-confidence, learning problems, difficulties at work, sexual therapy, insomnia, addictions, hostile and criminal conducts management, bad parental relationship, social inhibition, vital crisis, life quality improvement, nutritious problems, labour disputes, gambling addiction.

ORGANISATIONAL APPLICATIONS: colleagues’ motivation and persuasion, directives’ persuasion, personality conflicts, meeting co-ordination (for meetings oriented to influence in programmes and political decisions), interviews preparation, breaking resistances to changes, establishment of clear and convincing communication systems, changing insensibility attitudes, selection and evaluation.

To make an appointment please call or write us at:

Phone numbers: (+34) 91 766 047 23 / (+34) 31 38 38 403


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Puedes reservar también una fecha entre-semana para realizar cualquiera de nuestros cursos.

Para inscripciones y más información:

Telf.: (+34) 91 7660423


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