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Sesiones grupales para particulares y talleres para Empresas

La Alianza ofrece regularmente sesiones para erradicar el hábito del tabaco en una sola sesión de una hora aproximadamente. También ofrece talleres para empresas de Madrid. Efectividad: 95%

Hábitos y otros

Sesiones indivivuales

La Alianza ofrece sesiones para el tratamiento de problemas de peso, insomnio, mejora de la capacidad de memoria y concentración, depresión, ansiedad, alergias, autoestima, etc.

Para más información y reservas:

Telf.: (+34) 917660423


The Alliance

The Spanish Alliance of Hypnosis and NLP was founded in Madrid in 1983 by his president, Dr. Antonio Moraga C.M.H., C.HYP., after the many courses he made in Scarborough, England since 1979.

The Alliance has a great teaching tradition in courses of Practitioner and Master level in Hypnosis and also in Hypnotherapy and Regressions, as well as practitioner and master levels in NLP. The Alliance has also introduced many techniques of ericksonian hypnosis, regressive hypnosis and NLP in different Latin-American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina.

Who is Dr. Antonio Moraga C.M.H., C.HYP.?

Antonio has been totally dedicated for 3 decades to teach people the excellence of communication through the techniques of NLP and also has been teaching hypnosis and its combination with NLP to improve therapies quality. He’s specially been using ‘the time line’ and ‘six steps reframing’ and also he has combined hypnosis and NLP techniques to enrich both kind of therapies.

He’s the author of 3 complete NLP and Regressive Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy handbooks and around 20 audio tapes and CD’s of applied Hypnosis, Regressions and NLP techniques.

In the last 30 years he’s been dedicated to give conferences, courses and group and individual therapies in the Alliance headquarters in Madrid – Spain, and also has been travelling around the country and also to different Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Venezuela y Argentina.

One of Dr. Moraga’s principal objectives is to help people get what they want in their lives and create an environment where they can feel satisfied and comfortable. He’s been dedicated to treat people with individual or little group’s therapies (in sessions that last from 1 to 4 hours).

The topics he has specialised in are:

  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Relationships’ improvement
  • Health improvement
  • Memory improvement
  • Career improvement
  • Life quality improvement
  • Insomnia

Antonio Moraga C.M.H., C.HYP. is a pioneer in Spain and Latin America in the introduction of Regressive Hypnosis’ with certified courses and therapies. His centre is associated with the British Council of Hypnotist and NLP Examiners and the Omni Hypnosis Centre of U.S.A. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As a revolutionary and successful therapist in his approach to the NLP and hypnosis techniques, he’s well known as a specialist in the personal satisfaction improvement and the habits control. Since 1989 he has helped thousands of people to recover from negative periods and go above limiting emotions.

Since 1991 Antonio has been appearing in different t.v. and radio programmes in Spain and Latin America, talking about his centre and techniques and also about the help those treatments can provide people who want to attain satisfaction.

Dr. Moraga is also a recognised master and great investigator of healing techniques based in the energy transmission such as Reiki, Magnified Healing® and other energetic therapies. He’s the author of more that 15 handbooks where he teaches the use of those energetic therapies step by step. He also teaches techniques to make Astral Projections and meditation techniques, all with the objective to help people improve their lives completely.

Nowadays Dr. Moraga spends much of his time travelling and sharing his experiences and knowledge about Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki and Astral Projections with people in Europe, Asia and America. Many of those trips are still dedicated to the investigation of the techniques and to prepare different essays, magazines and books about the techniques mentioned above, with which he works in his consulting room in Madrid, Spain.

To read about the purpose of the Spanish Alliance of Hypnosis and NLP click here

To read about the philosophy of the Spanish Alliance of Hypnosis and NLP click here

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