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Sesiones grupales para particulares y talleres para Empresas

La Alianza ofrece regularmente sesiones para erradicar el hábito del tabaco en una sola sesión de una hora aproximadamente. También ofrece talleres para empresas de Madrid. Efectividad: 95%

Hábitos y otros

Sesiones indivivuales

La Alianza ofrece sesiones para el tratamiento de problemas de peso, insomnio, mejora de la capacidad de memoria y concentración, depresión, ansiedad, alergias, autoestima, etc.

Para más información y reservas:

Telf.: (+34) 917660423


Objectives of the NLP

The principal objectives of the NLP are:

  1. To explore the inner world to better understand its limits and conflicts and also to develop neglected areas and capacities that can help to make the desired changes.
  2. Improve the relationships with the close environment: family, partner, work mates, friends.
  3. Design the future with an ‘ecological’ focus, trying to harmonise with the society.
  4. Define the systems with which the people receive, process and utter information and use them to enrich the own world and the interaction with other beings.
  5. Connect with others through non-verbal messages, without doing any interpretation that could cloud the communication.
  6. Detect the impact produced by the own messages in other people so that they can be re-organised to reach the desired object.
  7. Improve the quality of information that is received and uttered to facilitate the leadership.

The training with NLP offers an opportunity to greatly develop the ability to identify accurately the processes of inner thoughts in other people, interpreting specific language patterns and non-verbal indicators. Once detected, a person formed in NLP can adequate the elements of the thought patterns to make changes easily in thoughts, sensations and conducts.

The NLP gives the professional conscious options and flexibility in conducts in the fields of motivation, improvement, decision-making, learning, communication, creativity and emotional development.

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Calendario de Cursos

PRACTITIONER EN HIPNOSIS, AUTO-HIPNOSIS Y REGRESIONES: miércoles 1 y jueves 2 de mayo de 2019

Puedes reservar también una fecha entre-semana para realizar cualquiera de nuestros cursos.

Para inscripciones y más información:

Telf.: (+34) 91 7660423


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