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Sesiones grupales para particulares y talleres para Empresas

La Alianza ofrece regularmente sesiones para erradicar el hábito del tabaco en una sola sesión de una hora aproximadamente. También ofrece talleres para empresas de Madrid. Efectividad: 95%

Hábitos y otros

Sesiones indivivuales

La Alianza ofrece sesiones para el tratamiento de problemas de peso, insomnio, mejora de la capacidad de memoria y concentración, depresión, ansiedad, alergias, autoestima, etc.

Para más información y reservas:

Telf.: (+34) 917660423


About NLP

The NLP, whose field of study is the structure of the subjective experience, doesn’t pretend to be a theory but it’s got a Model status.

We can define a model this way:

‘Group of procedures whose utility is the measuring unit of its value’

The NLP presents models that are useful and there resides their value, apart from any theory. If one of those models doesn’t work, we can try another and another until we find the one that suits best to help us reach our objectives. With the NLP techniques we can organise and re-organise our experience so as to define and assure any result. This will let us get answers suited for the objectives we have.

Any person, no matter what is his life-philosophy or his beliefs can use the NLP models and techniques. The purpose of the Neuro Linguistic Programming is to be useful, to increase the personal options and to improve the quality of the life of the practitioner of the techniques.

The name for the NLP was chosen because:

Neuro: every conduct is the result of neurologic processes

Linguistic: the neurologic processes are expressed through a verbal and non-verbal language

Programming: to programme is to organise efficiently the elements of a system to get a satisfactory result

This expresses the objective of the NLP, that is to organise the components of our mind and also organise our experience in a way that – through neurologic processes – lets us produce the adequate behaviours to reach the fixed objectives.

The NLP also acts in the therapeutic field because its techniques have an application in the elimination of phobias for instance, and also in turning the non-desired habits in sources of motivation. And maybe the most important thing is the fact that it can provide us with simple and powerful techniques to increase our level of motivation and self-confidence in many situations. This allows us to reach our objectives and increase our personal and professional success. Each cause has got its effect and what happens to us is a product of previous ‘things’ that happened in the past and form the story of our lives. Our freedom consists of the power to implant the adequate causes for the effects we want to reach.

The NLP was born approximately two decades ago, when the curiosity of two men, Dr. Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder led them to ask themselves if it could be possible to detect how respected and brilliant people in different fields behaved to reach such success in their lives. They also wondered if it could be possible to transform that information into a practical tool that could be used by anyone in any area.

Moved by that curiosity they formed a multi-disciplinary team and began to work for many years. They recorded and studied the world’s best communicators and the people who were excellent in their professions in the business, art and scientific areas. Linguistic, psychology and neuro-physiology intervened in the developing of the NLP, giving the core information about the communication and the production of changes. This fact distinguishes NLP from other models and theories of communication. The result was the NLP as a new way to consider the communication and a way to develop the personal excellence.

To read about the principal objectives of the NLP click here

To read about the presuppositions of the NLP click here

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