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Sesiones grupales para particulares y talleres para Empresas

La Alianza ofrece regularmente sesiones para erradicar el hábito del tabaco en una sola sesión de una hora aproximadamente. También ofrece talleres para empresas de Madrid. Efectividad: 95%

Hábitos y otros

Sesiones indivivuales

La Alianza ofrece sesiones para el tratamiento de problemas de peso, insomnio, mejora de la capacidad de memoria y concentración, depresión, ansiedad, alergias, autoestima, etc.

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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the most practical science of our era. It enters our daily life and gives us advantages that cannot be obtained by any other means. Its practice is not a mere hobby anymore. Scientists consider it as a natural power that’s been sleeping for eras and that, apparently, is destined to be awakened and play an important role in the welfare and development of future generations.

With the practice of hypnosis you learn how to always have your emotions under your absolute control. Hypnosis gives you a wonderful comprehension about human nature and shows you how to reach self-confidence and mastery far superior to most people you treat with.

Only then, having yourself under control, you can help others to keep themselves under control. In other words: all the success you may reach, health and happiness are the reward and the result from positive and constructive suggestions. The feelings of inferiority, failure, misery, illness and even death could be the result of destructive and negative suggestions. So keep giving yourself positive suggestions of strength, power, success, brilliant health, happiness, peace, serenity, love and friendship.

A lot of adults have allowed too much negative suggestions to enter their subconscious mind, and as a result they have fears, inferiority complexes, and other complex distortions. To be able to have the attitude you need to succeed in life you have to keep making a continuous effort to let only the positive suggestions enter through your conscious mind.

The conscious mind keeps acting as a sensor during all your life, and it is the one who must be put to sleep under hypnosis so as to let the suggestions reach your subconscious mind and act over it.

Healthy and positive suggestions like these will boost creative forces and powers in you, powers that you may not know you have, forces that can elevate you to a pinnacle of wellness, self-confidence and inner happiness.


One of the most important bases in the process of taking control of our own lives is to realise that our model of the world is not necessary to have a basement over which to construct a life and different relationships. At the same time, that model can be limited, and we can fall in the trap believing that the model is ‘reality’. The omission, generalisation and distortion are processes that can give us more options to get the life we want to live.


In many cases, the models of the world are the ones that limit the patients who visit us asking for help to make deep changes in their lives. To know how to reach what lays beneath the omissions, expand or reduce the reach of the generalisations, or re-direct the distortions can begin not only helpful to reveal new options to our clients but also to allow the changing process to start.


Business is probably the human activity most result-oriented, and many people consider that the vital fluid of this activity is the information. There is a necessity to know everything you have to know for your business. The precision model, which surged from the language metamodel, offers an easy and elegant tool that guaranties the quality of information in almost every human interaction.


Although it may seem that there is no direct relationship between sports and language, we must understand that any human activity deals with the modelling principles, expressed through verbal and non- - verbal language. When we talk about sports, we look for efficiency that is closely related with the fixation of precise objectives neurologically understandable. The relationship between sports person and trainer can be considerably improved with the use of the metamodel.


As a supplement in the general syllabus, the metamodel has been included with considerable success at highschools in USA and France. As an educational tool, its usefulness is as high in the business area as it is in the therapeutic field.


The metamodel and the Milton model (that is basically the same model but reversed) offer important basis to work in interviews, analysis and speeches development and also language patterns to speak in public.

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